Living from the heart


‘Follow the passion that is inside of you, the space of your dreams that calls to you in the night.’
~ Diana Kottle, Drop Into Your Heart

In my opinion, even the introduction in Diana Kottle’s book is enough to spark a light, ignite a deep interest, or flat out fill you with inspiration! Her approach feels very similar to the beautiful yet scientific approach of yoga, which I have been studying for 3 months in San Francisco, (a person can’t help but be inspired with that combination!). Living from the heart also means connecting more with the right hemisphere of the brain (creativity, intuition, feeling), and opening to the field of pure potentiality – another name for some of the findings of quantum physics!

A key element of this book and the path of yoga is focusing on choice; where you put your attention, and what you choose to think, say, act in every moment. We have the power to create the lives we dream of, and every new moment, every NOW, we can change our lives and experiences if they’re not fullfilling us and others. The secret is actually no secret at all as it already exists within each one of us at all times – to live from the heart, which means living in the present from our true selves beyond the mind, living from love.


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